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आपने क्या कहा: एक पुराना लैपटॉप एक नया जीवन देना

आपने क्या कहा: एक पुराना लैपटॉप एक नया जीवन देना

Geoffrey Carr

इस सप्ताह की शुरुआत में हमने आपको पुराने लैपटॉप में जीवन को सांस लेने के लिए अपनी युक्तियां और युक्तियां साझा करने के लिए कहा था, अब हम आपके जंक-बिन स्पियरिंग विधियों को साझा करने के लिए वापस आ गए हैं।

आप में से कई पुराने लैपटॉप को धूलने और उन्हें दान करके स्क्रैप होने से रोकने के लिए काम करते थे। मार्क लिखते हैं:

My acquaintances & friends give me their old computers when they buy a new one. So I disassemble, clean, install an opsys,and get internet working. I also upgrade memory, wireless, etc. from my parts bin. Then I give it to a poor person who needs a computer. Usually a single working mom with kids.

I also do the same with old desktops as well. They really appreciate them and It gives me the satisfaction of resurrecting an old computer.

Wbrown वही करता है:

Donate it via the local Lion’s Club for use by families of sight-challenged children. Always a new HDD, max memory, clean and dust.. Cool way to help someone, and know it will be appreciated.

इकोजीको अपनी पिछली परियोजनाओं की एक वैध कपड़े धोने की सूची साझा करता है:

Here are a few things I have done

-Picture Frame PC. -14″ LCD, P3 CPU, 128 MB Ram, 10GB HD runs puppy linux + WiFi drivers and is setup to ryscn to a folder on my local fileserver, Cost $10 picture frame, power usage, 19-21 watts

-HP Pavilion with 1.7 Ghz PM CPU, 17″ LCD, 20 GB IDE HD, DVD-RW, 2 GB Ram, Wifi N upgrade, Wall Mount in Picture Frame style, + RF remote interface, and analog radio transceiver installed, XBMCbuntu installed, setup to act as a picture frame, and display weather, entered local radio streams + Pandora, and acts as a HTPC for movies and streaming, acts as a digital radio that can transmit on FM to my radios in the house:

* Cost about $60 for Wifi N, Picture Frame, RF remote, and radio transceiver. may upgrade to a small 32 GB ssd for instant on, but not likely. * Power, idle picture frame mode 19 watts, HTPC mode 21-25 watts, Radio mode 20 watts * This unit is meant for use by my mother, who has some trouble using computers in general, maybe its the remote but she loves this, mostly due to the radio features i had added. * No it does not due 1080p, but its only connected to a 720p screen so it does not have to.

-FireWall/Gateway. Converted a gateway 405ROG with 1.4 GHz PM CPU 256 MB Ram, no lcd, no keyboard,no cd/dvd/floppy, 10 GB HD, added NIC ($3 Ebay) to be a untangled gateway, works great running for almost 2 years -10-16 watts

-FileServer, (no longer in use) used the Gateway 405ROG as a basic fileserver, speeds at 7-9 MBps due to limited 10/100 NIC, turned into firewall/gateway

-Flashing Station, Converted another Gateway 405ROG with LCD screen to a flashing station to test/upgrade wifi routers to use DD-WRT, in use for almost 5 years.

अपने बुजुर्ग हार्डवेयर से अधिक जीवन निचोड़ने के लिए दर्जनों अन्य सुझावों के लिए मूल टिप्पणी धागा को दबाएं। साझा करने के लिए एक टिप है? वार्तालाप में शामिल होने में बहुत देर हो चुकी है।